Reading Lists

Unless you are an avid reader of picture books, Middle Grade and Young Adult books then it can be really difficult to know what to recommend for your child to read. As such, I am regularly asked for book recommendations for students so I decided to put one together for each year group in the Prep School: years 3-8. (I am planning to add lists for other year groups soon.)

They are not meant to be lists that you necessarily work your way through but more selections of great books that are age appropriate for each year group. Some books may appear on more than one list. They are by no means exhaustive and I feel quite sure I have missed off many greats!

Some of the books are much longer than others so, depending on your child’s reading ability, you may want to share the reading of some of them. Similarly, with some of the classics they may need to be shared due to the old-fashioned language and sentence construction. It is still ok, and in my humble opinion, essential to read with your children; even children who can read exceptionally well will benefit from listening to you read and sharing books together.

I have added a selection at the bottom of books for more reluctant readers and a website for dyslexia friendly books.

All of the books listed are well worth a read so I hope you enjoy choosing some and sharing them with your children.

As always, if you have any questions about any of the books listed here then do not hesitate to contact me.