Something very special that happened at Sancton Wood today.

Four weeks ago Mrs Cowen and I took Year 6 down to meet the Reception children to talk to them about the sort of books that they like to read and about their favourite things. As part of our Book Week celebrations, the year 6 children have used that information and spent the last four weeks busy making individual, tailor made books for the Reception children and today we got to deliver them!

Today, the Reception children will get to go home with the truly amazing books that the year 6 children have made. I know I am biased as their teacher, but they really are incredible. The year 6 children have worked incredibly hard researching, drafting and making the books and they should all be immensely proud of themselves. Mrs Cowen and I are blown away by how good they are and know that the Reception children and parents will be too. Every single book has been made with 100% effort and 100% enthusiasm and I have my fingers crossed that we may even have some future authors and illustrators in the making.

We are very proud of them all.

Below you can find all the pictures of  our visit this morning with Reception. We had such a lovely morning.


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