Heffers Saves The Day

My favourite superheroes.

The run up to Book Week this year has been hard.  Actually, to be frank, it has been a bloody nightmare, what with new school sites to plan for and  various authors pulling out of events.  The nightmare got dramatically worse; however,  on Saturday when the bookshop that was supposed to be organising all our books for the whole week decided they did not want to do it …. a week before Book Week!   I won’t lie to you – there were a few tears.  Lots of tears actually.

Eventually, once I got myself together I decided to email Heffers bookshop,  and beg.  Literally.  I sent them my HUGE list of the books we needed for all our amazing visiting authors as well as all the books we wanted for our Book Fair.  I told them how disappointed the children would be.  And then I waited. Having been told by the other bookshop that these things need weeks and weeks of planning I did not hold out much hope but it was pretty much my only option.

Monday morning arrived and I busied myself with getting our Year 6s together for a trip that meant I was out until lunchtime: more excruciating waiting.  I got back to school and rushed to open my emails to find a request to contact Caroline at Heffers.  So with all my finger and toes crossed I called them.

Caroline turned out to be one of the managers who told me that during the morning they had been searching out the hundreds of books we needed and reckoned they could get pretty much all of them by Friday.  I cannot begin to tell you how relieved I was.  In fact I was so relieved that I thought I might actually cry again but I managed to get myself together enough to give Caroline all the details she needed and got off the phone a decidedly happier woman.

Since then I have been in contact with Heffers and they have completely saved the day.  As far as I am concerned they are all real life superheroes. Not only will Sancton Wood Book Week go ahead with all the books that we need, but they are also sending over two members of staff, including the lovely Caroline, to help staff our Book Fair and sell all their books.  Wow!  Just wow.

The thing that really upset me most about the other bookshop not stepping up was that, clearly, they hadn’t considered that not supporting Book Week would mean letting all the children down, disappointing them and ultimately them not really having the wonderful week that it is supposed to be.  I felt that Heffers got that, completely.  They understood the need to deliver this for the children and I think they helped because they could see it was important to us as a school in our mission to inspire a love of books in the children.

I, for one would personally like to say an ENORMOUS thank you to Heffers for helping us out of this very deep hole; words cannot tell you how grateful I am (I would probably cray again) but, by helping, you have ensured that the children  get the amazing week of bookish loveliness that they have been promised and, as a result, they will thank you too.


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