Wing Jones


by Katherine Webber

With a Grandmother from China and another from Ghana, fifteen-year-old Wing Jones is often caught between worlds. When tragedy strikes, she discovers an extraordinary talent she never knew she had.  Wing’s running could bring her family everything it needs.  It could also keep Wing from the one thing she truly wants.

After all the hype on social media I was keen to read this book and it really does not disappoint.  I devoured this wonderful book in a matter of hours and was genuinely surprised at just how much I enjoyed it.  The book deals with everything from family, love, grief, friendship and girl power all rolled up in a story about a girl who can run; really run.

Katherine Webber draws you in with a lovable main character  that could be the girl next door.  Her voice is down to earth and entirely believable and I was rooting for her on her personal journey through uncertainty and confusion to a discovery of a hidden inner strength.  Webber’s  main character is so beautifully drawn that you feel her every emotion as she deals with the multitude of events that life throws at her.  That is not to say the book is all doom and gloom; one of my favourite aspects of  the story is the tempestuous relationship between Wing’s grandmothers, which is both laugh out loud funny and endearing in equal measure. The development of the friendship between Wing and Eliza was also a welcome revelation with Eliza turning out to be the sort of friend that all girls should strive to be:  loving, honest and supportive.

As a debut novel, this story really packs a punch and I for one cannot wait to see what Katherine Webber does next. I can’t wait to share this with my students at school and for them to fall in love this book too.

Mrs Janes


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